A dedicated home cook and cookery teacher  

Parveen is passionate about her style of cooking and she believes that anyone can learn to cook using her step by step recipes. "all you need is the right spices and the right method, anyone can cook authentic Indian food." 

Authentic Indian cooking with Parveen's step-by-step recipes 

Parveen's recipes have been in the family for three generations but she is the first person to pen them down, collate them into her first cook book - Parveen The Spice Queen, step by step Indian cooking' The book contains all the recipes she ate as a child plus a few modern takes in the old classics, like Tandoori Chicken. And with each recipe, she shares a personal anecdote that gives the reader a rare insight into the life of an Asian housewife, mother and business woman. 
To hire Parveen for a cooking demonstration or private lesson, email hello@parveenthesicequeen.com  

Recipe That Really Work 

Parveen's recipes are truly authentic and easy to follow but the real beauty of them is that they work every single time! 
Parveen is married with three grown up children, aged, 28, 26 and 20. She has raised her children the way she was raised, with family meals being the focal point of family life. Family meals are so important to her that Parveen says she actually bans phones at her dinner table, and yes, that includes her husband; well, apparently she thinks that the dinner table is the only place that she can pull rank! 
Parveen enjoying a cup of tea

Buy the book for more tasty recipes 

All you have to do is buy the book and try the recipes for yourselves. 
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